At Cabell County 9-1-1 have a tool to help manage emergencies more efficiently.


The Mobile Communication Vehicle will help us to dispatch first responder and recieve E-911 calls from any location. "It’s going to keep the communications intact even in the case of a disaster or if we have to actually leave the building or the building going down for some reason. It gets our communications up immediately and obviously that’s the core to getting the response,”  Mike Davis, Cabell County’s 911 Director.


The Mobile Communications Vehicle will be used in cases of natural disasters or emergencies where communications are knocked out or where mobile communications or a team of Incident dispatchers are request to the scene of an incident.

The command center cost $475,000, purchased and equipped through completely through a COPS Grant.


This vehicle also serves as a very valuable tool for our Incident Dispatching Team allowing them to take everything side the 9-1-1 Center out into the field to the first responder at the front line of an incident.