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Rave Facility is a free service for Cabell County businesses and organizations to help improve employee and visitor safety while ensuring first responders have essential information when responding to an emergency.

How does it work?

  • Businesses and organizations create a free and secure Facility Profile at, adding key details about campuses, buildings, landlines, floor plans, contacts and more.

  • In an emergency, when a 9-1-1 call is placed from an on-site landline phone or from a cell phone within the geo-fenced boundary of the facility, 9-1-1 can view and utilize the provided critical information in the Facility Profile to coordinate a faster, more effective response with other first responders.

  • First responders will then have essential information to act quickly and improve situational awareness. 

With organizations providing life-saving information such as AED locations, hazardous materials that may be stored on the property and any policies or procedures the facility may have in place, 9-1-1 dispatchers are able to guide callers and first responders through the facility, quickly and efficiently. 

This is a great tool for schools, large campuses or businesses with larger properties or on-site or on-call security. To register for your own Rave Facility Profile for your business or organization, click here. If you would like a demonstration or have additional questions, please contact Ted Grant, our Training & Public Education Coordinator at (304) 526-6540 or

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Rave Mobile Safety also offers a paid service through Rave Facility called Rave Panic Button. This service allows members of an organization or business to download an app on their mobile device that can be used in an emergency to contact 9-1-1. Through its simple five-button interface, users activate the app by selecting the type of emergency - active shooter, police, fire, EMS or other - which can simultaneously dial 9-1-1 and notify other on-site personnel of the emergency and the location of the incident. The app also has the capability to provide users with critical information, such as evacuation policies, medical procedures such as CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and other valuable information the facility provides - all depending on the type of emergency.  

If an app user on-site activates the "active shooter" button, a notification is sent out to other app users on-site and Cabell County 9-1-1, alerting them of the situation and its location. In addition to the notification, the app can be programmed to automatically dial 9-1-1, connecting the user to Cabell County 9-1-1 directly. The app will provide 9-1-1 will information that is pulled from the associated Facility Profile and app users can "check-in" updating their current status - whether they are safe, in danger and/or injured, allowing first responders to have an idea of where everyone is in the building. Based on the information uploaded by the facility, users will also have access to critical policies and procedures to reference to during the incident - lockdown procedures, evacuation orders, etc. 

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