Wireless Enhanced 911 (E-911) seeks to improve the effectiveness and reliability of wireless 911 services by providing 911 dispatchers with additional information on wireless 911 calls. 

Wireless E-911 is divided into two parts - Phase I and Phase II. Phase I requires carriers, upon appropriate request by a local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), to report the telephone number of a wireless 911 caller and the location of the tower that received the call. Phase II requires wireless carriers to provide far more precise location information about the caller, within 50 to 100 meters in most cases. 

The deployment of E-911 requires the development of new technologies and upgrades to local 911 PSAPs, as well as coordination among public safety agencies, wireless carriers, technology vendors, equipment manufacturers, and local wire line carriers. The FCC established a four-year rollout schedule for Phase II, beginning October 1, 2001 and to be completed by December 31, 2005. 

Currently, Cabell County E-911 receives Phase II service from all carriers in Cabell County to include AT&T, Nextel, Ntelos and Verizon Wireless. Please note that your phone must support this service for your particular company. Please contact your company for more details.