Cabell County Mapping & Addressing Project 2021/2022

Road name changes by zip code

Added Farmers Ln off of Trace Creek Rd
Added Chessie Ln off of Guyan River Rd
Added Granny Field Ln off of Right Fork Smith Creek Rd
Added Huckleberry Hill Rd off of Smith Creek Rd
Added Judy Ln off of Roach Rd
Added Salt Rock Rd off of Madison Creek Rd
Added Shultz Ln off of Hickory Ridge Rd
Changed Meadow Ln to Wilburn Kasey Ln off of Rt 10

Changed Upper Bowen Creek Rd to Fire Tower Rd
Added Triplett Hollw Rd off of Raccoon Creek Rd
Added Brinager Branch Rd off of Raccoon Creek Rd
Added Steer Branch Rd off of Raccoon Creek Rd
Added Ash Hollow Rd off of Bowen Creek Rd
Added Childers Harless Ln off of Bowen Creek Rd
Added Nicely Hollow Rd off of Bowen Creek Rd
Added Eaves Hollow Rd off of Raccoon Creek Rd
Added Right Fork Raccoon Creek Rd off of Raccoon Creek Rd
Added Joe Black Hollow Rd off of Raccoon Creek Rd

Changed Whites Mobile Home Park to Frank Ln
Added VR Drive off of Charleys Creek Rd
Added Hunter Ct off of Charleys Creek Rd
Changed Dudding St to Pine St off of Kilgore St


Added Fantasy Dr off of Howells Mill Rd

Added Dewberry Ln off of Fairview Ridge Rd
Added Nuthatch Ln off of Cox Ln
Added Wilks Ln off of Cox Ln
Added Winters Way off of Nine Mile Rd

Added Hawkeye Dr off of W Mud River Rd
Added Magnolia Park Ln off of W Mud River Rd
Fenway Dr off of Fudges Creek Rd
Added Log Cabin Ln off of Fudges Creek Rd
Added Old Country Farm Rd off of McComas Branch Rd

Added Parrot Head Ln off of Cavill Creek Rd

Added Shade Tree Hollow Rd off of Pleasant View Rd
Added Jaden Dr off of 16th Street Rd



In accordance with the West Virginia state addressing mandate, Cabell County 911 is joining with the other 54 counties in West Virginia by establishing a "city style" address for every structure in our county.


The restructuring of addresses has many advantages.  It's primary purpose is to enhance the safety of citizens by providing first responders with accurate, easy to locate addresses that make sense and reduce response times during an emergency.  Having this plan in place carries an added benefit of allowing for further growth in Cabell County while maintaining the integrity of a detailed and accurate addressing plan.   Another positive side effect is that residences will be easily found by delivery services and businesses will have a unique address with numerics that make sense and are not duplicated.  


Cabell County has duplicate road names, numeric addresses out of chronological order, roads without names, and structures or residences without a physical address (e.g. box and route number).  When completed, this addressing plan will remedy those issues and provide for immediate distance information, reducing response time and/or response mistakes because of confusion.  The plan allows for one address point for every 5.28 feet.  First responders will know that an address of 1000 will be exactly one mile out a specific road and on the right side, which will aid in the rapid location of a caller or emergent incident.

We will proceed with any changes one zip code at a time.  As a pilot project, Glenwood 25520, was completed several years ago.  The first zip code to have this plan implemented in 2021 will be Salt Rock 25559.  Only addresses in Cabell County will be affected.  This does include the cities of Huntington, Milton, and the Village of Barboursville.  Those municipalities have their own addressing personnel but will be making some changes in accordance with the state mandate.  Cabell County 911 will be working in cooperation with them.  



There will be multiple notifications when the plan is being implemented in a new zip code.  Keep watching the news, our website, the Herald Dispatch, social media, your own mailbox, and other media outlets for updates on the plan.  If you live in the zip code being affected and your address is changing, you will receive a letter of notification to confirm your new address.  In most cases this will mean a change in your numerical address (house number).  In some cases your new address will have a new or different road name, as well as a new numerical address.  


With each address change we will notify the Cabell County Assessor's Office, post office, post master, AEP, Mountaineer Gas, WV American Water, FedEx, and UPS.  Do not file a postal service change of address card. The post office will deliver mail to both your old and new addresses for ONE YEAR.  You are responsible for notifying all of your contacts and correspondents, the DMV, voter registration, bank accounts, insurance policies, all other utilities, phone providers, and Christmas card list.  After one year mail that has not been changed to your new address may be returned to the sender for address correction.

Please contact your local telephone company and/or mobile carrier to update your new address, ensuring this address will be correctly displayed in the 911 system should you ever have to call 911 for an emergency.


If you have any problems or questions about the plan or about any changes to your road name or address, don't hesitate to contact us.  If you reach a voicemail, leave your name and number so that we can return your call as soon as possible. 

Mapping and Addressing Phone:  304-526-6552