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Three Simple Words Can Tell First Responders Where You Are...

Cabell County 911 is excited to announce we are now utilizing what3words or w3w to help locate callers faster in the event of an emergency. What is what3words? The company has divided the entire globe into 10 foot squares and has given each square a unique three word identifier.

For example, ///these.clear.exists will take you directly to the Ritter Park fountain, located at 10th Street & 13th Avenue in Huntington. In the event a 911 caller is lost in a heavily wooded area or had a medical emergency but was not near a road or a physical address, what3words would be able to provide their exact location, within 10 feet; expediting the response of first responders.


In addition to the website,, there are apps that can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices. Once you have downloaded the app, you can simple open the app and tap the "Locate Me" icon. This will provide you with the 3 words of your location that you can in turn share with 911 or friends. The what3words app also works offline - ideal for areas with unreliable data connection. When a 911 call is placed, in addition to the caller's GPS coordinates, the what3words for the caller's location will also be provided to the dispatcher. This information can be relayed to first responders where they can enter the 3 words into their device, taking them directly to the caller's location.

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