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This service is intended to benefit those who may not be able to speak or hear in an emergency. A traditional voice call is still the preferred and most efficient method for contacting 911. Remember, CALL if you can, TEXT if you can't! 

When to Use Text-to-911


You're having a medical emergency and cannot speak on the phone.


You're in a situation where it's not safe to call 911 for help, such as active shooters or domestic violence.


You're deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability.

How to Use Text-to-911

Enter the numbers "911" in the "To" field of your messaging app.

Include your location and type of emergency in the initial message.

"Send" the message.

Answer the questions and follow any instructions the dispatchers may ask or provide.

Things to Remember About Text-to-911

Keep text messages brief and to the point.

Currently, Cabell County 911 cannot receive photos or videos through Text-to-911.

In instances where a traditional voice call cannot connect due to poor cell signal, a text message can still go through.

At this time, text-to-911 is only available in English.

A text sent to 911 in an area without text-to-911 service should receive an automated response stating the service is not available. 

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