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To ensure you have the proper car seat for your child, click here.

Keeping children safe on Cabell County roadways is a priority for Cabell County 911. Because we are always here, 24/7, we are uniquely able and available to check car seats and install them either by appointment or in an emergency situation. The Cabell County 911 Child Passenger Safety Program currently has two (2) certified technicians available to check and install car seats in compliance with West Virginia Child Passenger Safety Laws.  

Our program is part of the West Virginia Governor's Highway Safety Program, allowing us to offer child safety seats to lower income Cabell County families in need (must meet program requirements). If you or someone you know needs a child safety seat installed or the installation checked, please call 304-526-8555 to schedule an appointment or 304-526-8444 if it is an emergency. 

For more information about the program, visit WV Highway Safety - Child Passenger Safety.

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