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The worksheet is available to assist you in completing the registration process if you are having a friend or family member assist you with your online registration.

Through the partnership between Cabell County 911 and Cabell County EMS, we are able to introduce to you CASS - Cabell Alert & Safety System. The system is the new and improved option for receiving emergency alerts in Cabell County. In addition to receiving notification alerts, this system will be able to provide first responders with even more information in the event of an emergency. Not only can you sign up for notifications for severe weather, significant road closures or other general public alerts, when you create a profile in the Smart911 app or on the website, you will be able to add specific information about yourself and your family members, such as mobility issues, special needs or emergency contact information. Additionally, information about your home or your vehicles that you drive can be added to your profile to aid first responders in locating you more quickly. 


This information can also be provided to 911 Dispatch when an emergency call is placed from a number associated with your account. In the event of an emergency and a call is placed from one of these phone numbers and you are unable to provide additional details or become incapacitated, dispatchers can see your Smart911 profile and provide first responders with the description of the residence or a description of a vehicle you are associated with to assist them in locating you. This information is only provided to dispatchers when a 911 call is placed and not an available search option - all information is kept private and secure until the 911 call is placed. 


In addition to providing 911 dispatchers with critical information when you call 911, Emergency Management can also isolate an area and determine, based on Smart911 profiles, which residents may need assistance evacuating an area and which ones are self-sufficient. This can help expedite responses to flood-prone areas, focusing resources on those that absolutely need assistance first. Smart911 is FREE, private and secure and the app is available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

For more information on how to create a Smart911 profile or to learn more about the system, click on the videos to the left.

To sign up for your FREE Smart911 Safety Profile, click here.

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