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Cabell County 911 welcomed Ember in December 2023. She is a 5-year-old Labrador that was acquired from K9s for Warriors, a non-profit organization based out of Jacksonville, Florida. They provide trained service dogs to military veterans and therapy dogs to public safety agencies, both in an effort to combat PTSD and anxiety disorders among these groups. 

Ember is stationed at the 911 center full-time and is trained to ease emotional stress common among first responders. She will be available to our staff to cuddle and play with during their shifts or if they just need a break from the stress of the job. Upon receiving her, we have trained four employees to be official handlers for Ember in addition to our staff that will help care of her.

Funds for Ember are allocated out of our non-tariff revenue and we are grateful for Help for Animals, located in Barboursville, WV for providing routine and emergent care of Ember at little to no cost to the County. Additionally, Duke's Dog Gone Grooming, also in Barboursville, WV, has offered to provide the grooming care to keep Ember looking her best! When Ember is not working with the staff at our center, she will be out enjoying public events or running off energy at a local park. If you happen to see her, please be sure to stop and give her some love. She deserves it! 

Special thanks to our K9 provider and our local supporters.

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