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Cabell County 911 is happy to announce their partnership with RapidSOS, a 911 wireless call location application, which allows a wireless device caller's location to be pinpointed within a three meter radius, while in motion and even for fifteen minutes after the call has been disconnected.

RapidSOS has partnered with Apple, Google and Smart911 to deliver better location data for wireless calls received from iPhones with iOS 12 and Android phones version 4.0 and up. When an Apple or Google customer makes a 911 call the traditional location information is transmitted to the dispatch center.

How does RapidSOS benefit you, the caller?

  • Visitors and residents can be located quickly.

  • Major incidents like motor vehicle accidents, large fires on the beach, a structure fire in a neighborhood or a shooting in a location can be easily recognized.

  • The "pin" or location, in most cases, populates on the screen BEFORE the phone ever rings into the 911 center to be answered by the call-taker.

  • Response time to the caller and the emergency is faster.

  • You can add the following personal information in your device so it can be displayed for the call taker: emergency contacts, blood type, age, height, weight, organ donation and any pre-existing medical conditions or allergies.

How can I sign-up and share my information?

Registration is free and simple. If you have an Apple device, you will need to go into the Health App on your device. Once you have added all of your information in the app, you have to agree to share that information with Apple so the information can be sent to us when you have an emergency. For more information on how to complete the information on the Health App, click here. If you have an Android device, you have to go to and enter your information in that platform. To learn more about the Emergency Health Profile, watch the video below or click here for an informational PDF.

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